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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 23, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the fog like yesterday. our dayplanner for you shows temperatures mild today with the average highs in the 50s. we are at 53. 58 by 9:00. 64 at noon. we are topping off at 67 today. 62 by 5:00 p.m. there will be a passing shower or two in one or two spots. you see the moisture in ohio approaching pennsylvania and west virginia. this is ahead of the cold front heading this way. temperatures in the 40s and 50s this morning with a couple of exceptions like cumberland and york at 47. 5:00. angie goff is here with the traffic. thank you, howard. all clear out here across the region. maryland and virginia and dc, you are checking out okay. let's go to the maps and show you 270 southbound. it looks like we have all of our lanes wide open from the frederick area. here are the live conditions outside making your way down to the split.
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we areheree at father hurley. 395 here. the construction has cleared. no problems north or south. looking at traffic times in virginia. 66 east from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway is 10 minutes. a growing commute on 267 dulles toll road is looking good. still ahead, another look at your virginia roads at 5:08. back to you. many people who can manage an extra day or two off will be heading out on their thanksgiving travels today. >> indeed. for many of us who are flying this holiday season, you will encounter the new invasive screening techniques and the possibility of people protesting. we have kristin fisher with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. you know, here you have the
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busy travel week. combined with nationwide protests urging flyers to boycott the tsa body scans. this has the potential to become a true travel nightmare this thanksgiving holiday. let's talk about what these protesters are protesting. they say the new body scans are too invasive. organizers of national opt out day are asking you to get a patdown instead. the tsa says that will hurt you, the passenger. it could make for massive security lines on the busy travel day, but it could hinder airport security when the terror alerts are elevated around the world. the tsa administrator said he will try to strike a bargain between privacy and security. here is what robert gibbs had
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to say about the controversy yesterday afternoon. >> our charge is to do all we can to protect those that travel, but also to do so in a way that is minimally invasive. that is a balance that we will continue to search for. >> reporter: now, i want to talk more about the protests that are being organized. it is a grass roots internet campaign. it is difficult to gauge how much support it has. it certainly is all over the media. here is the official web site. it is national opt out day. what they are saying is, you can see one day until national opt out day. they are doing this because the day is needed because many people do not understand what they consent to when they choose to fly. you know, this really has the possibility to be, as i said, a true travel nightmare for
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people. we all know how backed up these security lines can get during the holidays. >> it will be interesting. i have a family. i don't want to deal with all of these people. i wonder if many will opt out and protest. do we know anything about that? >> reporter: it is tough to gauge. that is the $1 million question right knew. how many people are complain -- right now. how many people are complaining? how many is the real deal? how many people will protest these things? you know, the tsa says if two or three people protest and opt for the body scans, that is all it takes to create an increase in lines. if you want to know how many people are planning on doing this, there is no set number. i will say they do have a twitter following. national opt out twitter page. they have about 1,000 followers. not too huge a following on twitter. back to you. >> it will be interesting.
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thank you. she is live at ronald reagan international. a mother and son reunion while you were sleeping. >> and the woman was reunited with her son this morning. ann yung spent the last decade under house arrest in myanmar. here in washington, a late night fire heavily damages a booth on the national mall. it is part of the free speech area near the vietnam memorial. the booth is manned 24 hours a day by veterans who keep the mia issue alive. they use the booth to trade in pins and memorabilia. firefighters believe a space heater malfunctioned. firefighters will investigate a deadly fire on the northwest side. in this case, the faulty
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hydrant did not slow down the response yesterday. the nozzle on the first fire hydrant broke off. the fire department helped with hydrant testing, but the program was stopped for budget reasons. the fire may have been caused due to renovation work on the roof. police in manassass, virginia took a person into custody for a murder of a teenager. more than 100 people showed up to remember miguel hernandez. he was stabbed in the heart on the way home from high school on friday. police believe the murder was gang-related and there was a retaliatory stabbing on saturday. february 11th is the date that the judge will tell ingmar guandique how much time he will spend in prison for killing
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chandra levy. despite the lack of an eyewitness and lack of dna evidence, jurors believed the testimony of ingmar guandique's former cell mate when ingmar guandique said he confessed to the killing of chandra levy in rock creek park. >> i can speak her voice. >> the case made national headlines in the month before the 9/11 attacks because the police first suspected gary condit after learning he had a relationship with chandra levy. it is the congressional race that just won't end. coming up. the tensions between north korea and south korea are growing. and on a lighter note, mike is taking off from the anchor desk and heading into the kitchen where a good man belongs. he will add a stuffing recipe to
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compliment our turkey already in the oven.
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5:09. we have a mild start to the day with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. you may see a sprinkle. here is the dayplanner. we are looking at temperatures in the 50s at 9:00 and reaching the 60s in spots this afternoon. despite of mostly cloudy skies and a sprinkle, we will be okay. angie goff. past the beltway past 66, it is looking good. a focus on the virginia roads coming up at 5:18. back to you. we are talking tour -- turkey this morning. here are tips to save money.
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butterball offers coupons online that is combined with store deals. and i hear lots of laughter and good smells in the kitchen. mike. >> two good things. food and football. >> mike was nice enough to volunteer his family recipe of the stuffing. that is my favorite part of thanksgiving. maybe secondtoo my mashed potatoes coming up. we sped up the process for television. >> we try to take stuffing to another level. a lot of us love the extra helpings of stuffing. you get extra zest. this has spicey sausage in it. you see chopped onions in here. celery and parsley. you will add chicken stock,
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dried cranberries and sausage. it will have a kick and good deep flavor. you put a stick of butter in that with the vegetables. you have to put a full cup of chicken stock in there. >> there we go. >> sautee the other stuff. add in the rest of the vegetables. start with those. >> i love the cranberries. that is a great idea. >> continue to sautee that in. we can add in the sausage. >> the sausage which is already browned. >> sausage has to be in stuffing. >> we are running out of time. one of the things you do is you can cut these up fresh or buy the actual cubes. >> which we did. >> we did that for television. you combine them together and
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bake it. it takes 30 minutes. it is quick. if you want the recipe, we are going to be cooking all morning long. jessica is up next. >> we are making mashed potatoes. i have the secret ingredient. >> i'm ready to taste. the tension in asia has ratcheted up after north korea and south korea fire shots at the border. that story is at 5:19. at 5:23, who the vikings will not be bringing to washington with them this weekend. at 5:34, the dire warning from the mayor about the budget cuts. stay with us. we'll be right back. whisturi leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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5:15. we are cooking this morning. the studio smells amazing. it is taking me off track. we do weather first and then cook. >> he cooks, too. >> we did not talk about the carving. give. it is a good tuesday. we have the -- good morning. it is a good tuesday. we have the great smell. the bus stop forecast is here. we will have partly cloudy skies. a touch of fog in cumberland. temperatures in the 40s to mid-
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50s. fairly mild this time of year. 6:59 for the sunrise. the sun is setting at 4:50. the dayplanner for this tuesday has sunshine early. mostly cloudy skies today. we may top off at 67 or so. you will notice one or two sprinkles will pass with the front dropping us to 60 by 6:00 p.m. bringing in colder air for tomorrow and thursday. visibility is better than yesterday. we still have fog forming in cumberland. .75. you are flying out this morning and it is looking good. chilly 41 in manassass. 588 at the naval air station. the moisture is condensing in the valley and that is why
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cumberland has the fog. national at 53. south winds at 7. the winds are staying up this morning. that is a difference from yesterday. the humidity is at 80%. nationally, we have the front across the middle of the country separating the mild air mass on the east coast. more cold in the northern rockies. this storm brought snow to seattle. for us, we are watching that storm system that is bringing the rains to pennsylvania. it will bring some sprinkles possibly to the 81 corridor by 11:00 or 12:00. heavy showers down there on the eastern tennessee valley and southwestern virginia. the front will come through with a couple of sprinkles. the rain gets squeezed out of the mountains. clouds this afternoon, but chilly air moves in for tonight and for the day on wednesday. it will be around for a couple of days. a slight chance on friday. it will warm up ahead of the next cool down by the weekend. here are the next three days.
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mild today and 67. passing sprinkle. thanksgiving day, 57. a passing showers. a better chance of rain on friday. if you are traveling on that day, it is not good. a chilly weekend. 50 on saturday and 55 on sunday. angie goff. thank you, howard. no complaints as we kick off the tuesday morning commute. hello. glad you could join us. let's show you the nice and clean and green maps. 395 northbound. no issues to report from the mixing bowl to the 14th street bridge. we have the construction at the bridge. approach with caution. back to the maps and over to 66. tracking the east trip. we are finding drivers moving at speeds from manassass to the beltway and lanes are wide open. back to the graphics. the maryland outer loop. 10 minutes from 95 to 270. 95 southbound, all clear to the
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beltway. dc 295 to the beltway to the 11bridge is nice and quiet. still ahead, the george washington parkway conditions. back to you. thank you. making news now at 5:19. the death toll in a mass stampede is now almost 400. >> at least 378 people are dead and well over 700 are injured. the stampede started at a festival in cambodia when thousands tried to flee across one narrow bridge. some victims were trampled and others fell into the river below. the prime minister calls it the biggest tragedy since the murder at the river rouge. one marine was killed and 13 wounded in exchange with gunfire in north korea. this incident started with the north shelling to the western border to south korea.
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some homes are now on fire. alaska's bitterly contested election is headed to court. the race had been called for lisa murkowski, the judge is ruling again. murkowski ran as a write-in candidate after she lost to joe miller. the vikings dump their coach just days before heading to washington for this weekend's game against the redskins. as we head to break, here is our question of the morning. >> we want to know for every dollar you spend buying produce at the supermarket, how much goes to the farmer that grows the produce? add your answer to our facebook page and we will reveal the answer in a half hour.
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[trumpet playing "reveille" throughout] let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence]
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5:23 on this tuesday morning. we have lots of breaks in the clouds now. some clouds out west. temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. you notice by 9:00, clouds start to thicken. western maryland in the 50s. we are at 58. clouds come to us midday, but not much in the way of shower action. we may see one or two sprinkles
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here. back to you. thank you. the capitals recent hot streak has recently gone hold. we have breath haber with the sports report. >> good morning. 45 days ago, the caps met the devils and pounded them 7-2. it was the most lopsided win of the year. they headed to newark for the rematch and they were smacking their lips. payback was on the menu. they tried to avoid the three- game slide. not like this. 6:00 in and he beats mike green to the net. 1-0, devils. then three caps surrounding him and he stuffs in the wrap around. casual defense. then in the 2nd, on the rebound. new jersey crushes the caps 5- 0. when the vikings come
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to visit the redskins on sunday, it is with a new coach. brad childress fired on sunday. brett favre will ignore the new interim head coach. if you are setting up a skateboard ramp in your basement, seal off your cellar door. now we know skaters live in their mom's basements. it is because they cannot get out. that is a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great tuesday. police say dna is helping them solve a cold case dating back to a quarter of a century. the thanksgiving travel rush is building through the day. we are checking in at ronald reagan international airport. traveling the george washington parkway with no accidents to show you down. still to come in traffic, a check on the drive through the
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district at 5:30. you are watching 9news now. stay with us.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we have angie goff with traffic, but we check on weather first. >> you may just run into a shower here. better chance up in the mountains. the dayplanner on this tuesday morning is calling for temperatures starting in the 40s and 50s now. we rise to 58 by 9:00. 64 by noon. 62 for the drive home. a passing sprinkle with the highs of 65-70. right now, we are at 53 at ronald reagan national. cumberland has fog and 39. 58 in southern maryland. look at the difference. college park is 55.
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manassass is 41. 45 in respin. anne arundel county at 52. we are going into the 60s with an isolated shower this afternoon. it is 5:30. here is angie with time saver traffic. i hope you are off to a terrific tuesday. let's get started at the district. good morning, northeast. we are live from independence avenue and washington avenue. note it is very nice and quiet outside. same situation as we move back to the maps and focusing in on 395 up to 66. outside live from gallows road, a great example of the accident and incident-free ride. dc 295 with no problems. same for the outer loop in maryland and the outer loop in virginia. still ahead in the next traffic report at 5:37, a live look at conditions on fox hall and
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canal. back to you. thank you. 5:31. this morning, fire officials say you cannot put a value on what was destroyed last night on the national mall. >> the fire destroyed the booth in the free speech year in the vietnam memorial. vietnam vets keep checkpoint on the booth 24 hours a day. the memorabilia inside the booth is at a total loss. nearly a decade after her disappearance, the jury comes back with a guilty verdict for ingmar guandique despite the lack of dna evidence and lack of a witness. the prosecutors based the evidence on the testimony from the former cell mate of ingmar guandique. ingmar guandique is set to be
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sentenced in february. many people will try to get out of town today to avoid tomorrow's massive thanksgiving day rush which could be even worse than normal at the nation's airports. that is because of a planned protest called national opt out day. organizers want passengers to refuse to be scanned by machine and bog down the screener whose have to pat them down -- screeners who have to pat them down instead. we have kristin fisher with the latest. >> reporter: we are one day away from the national opt out day. just to clarify, these protest organizers are urging passengers to opt out of the full body scans and instead opt for a personal patdown instead. the problem for many flyers is the extra time needed for that personal patdown will likely cause some massive delays at many major airports across the
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country throughout the thanksgiving holiday. people taking part in national opt out day argue these body scans are too invasive and cross the line. the tsa and white house are warning it could make for massive security lines on the busy travel day of the year, but it is at a time when the terror alerts are elevated around the world. yesterday at bwi, we found some comments from passengers. >> i'm skeptical this is really making -- that this is really necessary. >> the body scanners are invasive. i think they show too much. they are not necessary. >> it is more invasive than the screening. >> it is unusual and weird. we have to accept it if we want to fly more safely. >> reporter: the tsa administrator hopes to strike a better balance between security and privacy. the problem is there is no chance that will happen before
5:34 am
the end of the holiday season. back to you. >> thank you for that update. two fighter jets intercepted a small plane in northern virginia yesterday. a student pilot crossed into the no-fly zone a cross the district and was quickly escorted to the manassass airport at 2:30 in the afternoon. police are looking for a person responsible for a spring of attacks in aspen hill. police believe a man grabbed a woman and dragged her into the woods and raped her. montgomery county police say the man's description is similar to one given in two other attacks. dna has helped close a 26- year-old cold case rape investigation. montgomery county police arrested 53-year-old hubert allan marlin this week. back in 1984, officers say a woman was walking home from her job at montgomery mall when the
5:35 am
man beat and raped her. they say dna linked that attack to hubert allan marlin. he has been charged with rape. a virginia judge says the lawsuit filed against two virginia tech administrators can go forward. the university president charles steger and james hyatt had a lawsuit filed against them by the families of two students killed in the attacks. the attorneys asked for the matter to be dismissed because the administrators are under sovereign immunity. the district's mayor-elect is sounding the alarm. vincent gray is asking to prepare for more budget cuts. >> you have to share in the sacrifice and take a hit. >> the projected deficit has climbed to nearly $188 million
5:36 am
this year. it could soar to $345 million in the next fiscal year. the dc council will hold a public hearing on layoffs and furloughs next week. 5:36. still ahead, washington's cardinal returns today from the ceremony at vatican city. then the next recipe of the morning. jessica's killer mashed potatoes. it is 5:36. we'll be right back.
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5:38 here on this tuesday morning. comfortable out here. a few clouds and a light breeze. we will have a light shower this afternoon. 58 at 9:00. 64 at noon.
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the high of 65-70 south. angie goff has the time saver traffic. we are live from fox hall avenue. all lanes are moving well out here. nice as quiet. coming up in the next traffic report, we will look at the maryland roads. back to the kitchen where mike and andrea are cooking up breakfast? not breakfast. we are talking turkey. the thanksgiving feast is here. >> i'm here. >> here she comes. >> because we are talking turkey, we are talking prices. >> turkey prices are up 33% this year. the bird is not the only thing costing us more. >> we have the potatoes. white potato costs are up 17%. i'll show you my famous mashed potatoes. >> killer mashed potatoes. >> thanksgiving is not the time
5:40 am
to skim -- skimp on the butter and fat. i want to show you. we have an entire stick of butter. go for it. a lot of people cut tons of milk in here. i do a little slurp to get the moisture level up. my secret ingredient changes the tide here. i do a half a stick of philadelphia cream cheese right in the mashed potatoes. you mash them up with the hand mixer. you make it creamy. i don't like a lot of lumps. i grew up in a family where my grandmother would have gray mashed potatoes every year. she would leave the skins on. she did not wash the potatoes before she made the mashed potatoes. >> grandma. >> that kills it. >> what you can do with this recipe is you can make it ahead of time. the last day you are not racing in the kitchen.
5:41 am
you throw it in the microwave so you are not fighting with the oven. i would make this up in 10 minutes. have the kids help out. it is a simple recipe. lots of butter and salt and pepper. thee secret ingredient is the philadelphia cream cheese. if you want to look at the recipes, go to and click on the morning show tab. you will find all of our recipes there. andrea is up next. >> i'll make bread pudding. we will answer the question of the day in 10 minutes. plus, decades after planning and debating, the first section of the intercounty connector is just weeks away from actually being open. that is an exciting opportunity. it is time now to see who
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is celebrating a birthday today. newyorkk senator charles schumer is 63. >> robin roberts is 50. and miley cyrus turns 18 today. she is actually vote. ♪
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5:45. welcome back to 9news now. we are cooking with gas this morning. you can smell it in the studio, but we want to get you out of town safely. here is howard with the forecast first. we have a few problems. many of the problems are in the northern plains and northwestern part of the country. we have a front coming to produce a couple of showers around. each here -- even here in the
5:46 am
afternoon. the bus stop forecast. we have clear to partly cloudy skies. warm spots in the mid-50s. the sun is up at 6:59. setting at 4:50. the dayplanner, partly sunny and 58. temperatures by noon at 64. southwest winds at 10:00. we cannot rule out an isolated shower in the afternoon. by 5:00 p.m., we come from 67 down to 62 with a west wind at 8 miles an hour. there are the 50s in annapolis. the naval air station at 58. it is 41 in manassass. colder in cumberland at 37. a touch of fog in the valley. partly cloudy and 53 at ronald reagan airport. if you are flying out this morning, no problems leaving.
5:47 am
dew points in the 40s. relative humidity at80%. snowing once again in seattle. that is early for them. for us, look at the showers from little rock and memphis and national. some of the strong thunderstorms here, but a lot of the moisture from the system will stay up in the mountains and pass to our south. our futurecast showing the front coming toward us. midday is getting over to cumberland and moving through charleston. you notice a few light showers up near the pennsylvania border and out of the mountains. we may see one or two in the afternoon. by 5:00, i think the front is south of us. we are already seeing clear skies over to i-81. the high pressure builds in as we head into tomorrow. moisture is building here. some of this will be moving our way as we head to thanksgiving. by then, there will be a chance of a shower. a better chance on friday. travel problems will be the northern plains and the northwest. mild and 67 today.
5:48 am
54 tomorrow. thursday, 57. a stray shower today and on thanksgiving. friday looks to be a wetter day and 52. after that, the weekend travels are looking good. 50 and 55. let's go to angie goff with the time saver traffic. good morning. glad you could join us. hope you are off to a great start. right now, we are all clear across the viewing area. right now, we do have a new time to tell you about. -- a new accident to tell you about. it is at mets avenue. watch the volume building down to montrose. the outer loop is the next stop. we have a delay as we focus in. dropping speed at georgia avenue. these are live conditions at university. finally, a check on the rails. the trains reveal that they are
5:49 am
on time. still ahead, we kick it off with the focus on virginia roads. back to you, mike. thank you. 5:49. the thanksgiving travel season begins tomorrow. more than 1 million people in the washington area are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home this year. v-d.o.t. is trying to help them avoid gridlock. all of the temporary lane closures are lifted. v-d.o.t. is lifting restrictions on 66 and 395 just for the thanksgiving day holiday. drivers in maryland could be getting a present this holiday season. no firm date has been set for the opening of the intercounty connector, the first section of the road is paved and the lines are painted. crews are finishing up the electronics on what will be maryland's first cash-free toll road. no slowing down for toll
5:50 am
booths. they will have ez-pass devices. >> if you will use it more than two or three times a year, having the ez-pass will save you money because you will not get charged that $3 fee every single trip. >> the first section of the icc runs seven miles from shady grove to georgia avenue. it will cost 60 cents one way and $1.40 depending on the time you drive it. north korea and south korea exchanged gunfire this morning. one marine has been killed and south korea tv admitted several houses caught on fire after north korea shelled an island near the border. andd quantas will return to the skies. they pulled the a-380 airbuses
5:51 am
earlier this month after an engine blew up in the air. for some people, winter came a little too early in parts of seattle, washington. a snow storm caught many off guard. the snowy streets stretched into the evening commute. the authorities have more reason to be concerned because today's temperatures are colder. the newly elevated cardinal, cardinal whirl is coming back to washington. >> he is just one of many cardinals to receive red hats this weekend from pope benedict xvi. the national cathedral is helping people get in the holiday spirit by opening the nativity scene. a former dosen donated the
5:52 am
displays. it is located on the lower level. beautiful display. now it is time to answer our question of the day. >> today we asked for every dollar you spend for produce at the supermarket, how much goes to the farmer who grew the produce? >> the answer is a. according to the national campaign for sustainable agriculture, about 5 cents of every $1 you spend on produce makes it way back to the farmer. top designer is helping children as she attends a grand reopening of her clothing store. many redskins got injured this year and it inspired new art. happy early thanksgiving. we are bringing our kitchen to your kitchen this morning. making some of our favorite family recipes. we have the turkey in the oven
5:53 am
and stuffing and mashed potatoes done. we have the bread pudding coming up next.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. 5:55. we are looking at a partly
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cloudy start to the day and mild. by 9:00, many temperatures in the 50s and even 60 in culpeper. midday north and west, we could see sprinkles. 64 topping off and up to 67 this afternoon with the 3:00 p.m. temperature of 64. we will drive home at 6:00 with clearing north and west. thank you. 5:56. wounded soldiers got an early thanksgiving dinner thanks to the vice president. >> vice president joe biden and his wife hosted the dinner at their home at the naval observatory. mrs. biden thanked her guests for their service. >> michelle obama and i have spent the last two years going around the country asking americans to say thanks and to be aware of the sacrifices that you all have made for us in this country. it is really a joy for us to have you here tonight. >> dr. biden worked with the first lady on a public service
5:57 am
announcement campaign in support of the troops and their family. oh, my gosh. lee mcdonald with the next report. nicole miller stops by to entertain shopper was a purpose. miller celebrated her new store in the galleria. 15% of the night sales benefitted dc's children's national medical center. we were at the 4th annual capitol city ball. the night raised funds to help fight human trafficking. a silent auction included a trip to italy. the mayor celebrating the
5:58 am
opening of the dc hot spot on i- street. the fall rooftop opened. they call it the garden of eden. i want your pictures to share on the air. visit my blog and click on the submit stuff tab. you can post pictures and story ideas as well. go to one of the big wins for the redskins on sunday is they lost eight players during the game. >> so many of them were among the big names carted off inspiring a brand new redskins holiday hit available on itunes as performed by our very own brett haber. take a listen. ♪ on the 12th day ♪ of christmas ♪ the redskins gave to me
5:59 am
♪ 12 sports hernias ♪ 11 back spasms ♪7 10 torn hamstrings >> keep your day job. >> wow. >> he did very well. >> the singing is just a little off key. thank you for watching and suffering through that. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. >> howard is here first with the weather. it is a good morning. we don't have the fog. we have clear to partly cloudy skies. we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it will be chilly. the dayplanner this morning is 58 by 9:00. noon time temperatures is 64. we may see


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